Non Adhesive Fabrics

With high electrical insulation properties, uki’s non-woven fabrics have excellent dimensional stability and strong tensile strength.

These flexible fabrics have working temperatures from -150°C to +260°C with strong resistance to all chemicals.

uki has the latest high-performance equipment for impregnation, adhesive deposition, rewinding and cutting of technical fabrics.

The fabrics come from the major worldwide weavers. The company’s in-depth knowledge of these products enables us to meet your needs under the best possible conditions.

Woven fabrics

  • Egyptian cotton tape
  • Dynamo cotton tape
  • Woven terrylene
  • Woven glass

Varnished woven fabrics

  • Isophalate varnished terrylene
  • Isophalate varnished glass
  • Silicone varnished glass

Data Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Tape

Iso Varnished Glass

Iso Varnished Terylene

Nomex Felt

Polyester Fleece

Silicone Elastomer Glass

Woven Glass Tape

Woven Terylene Tape

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