Class y adhesive electrical insulation tape (90 deg tapes) Class b adhesive electrical insulation tape (130 deg tapes)

Adhesive Tapes


uki converts and stocks a diverse range of electrical grade adhesive tapes for the coil winding industry.

The wide range of backings and adhesive systems meets the current application requirements of the electrical industry.

This electrical insulation product line is manufactured under the strictest standards, with performance and reliability in mind.

Adhesive tapes can be supplied in widths from 5 mm to 1000 mm and the most popular members of our product range are listed below.

Class y (90 deg tapes)

  • Adhesive crepe tape

Class b (130 deg tapes)

  • Polyester tape with rubber thermosetting adhesive
  • Polyester tape with acrylic adhesive
  • Polyester tape with silicone adhesive
  • Woven glass tape with rubber adhesive

Class f (155 deg tapes)

  • Nomex tape with acrylic adhesive
  • Polyester reinforced with glass fibre + acrylic adhesive
  • Glass cloth with acrylic adhesive

Class h (180 deg tapes)

  • Glass cloth with silicone adhesive
  • Kapton tape with silicone adhesive

Data Sheets

Adhesive Glass Class F

Adhesive Nomex Tape

Adhesive Reinforced Polyester Tape

Silicone Adhesive Glass Tape

Silicone Adhesive Kapton

Yellow Thermosetting Tape

Polyester with Silicone Adhesive

Silicone Self Amalgamating Tape

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