Aluminium polyester laminates Aluminium polyester laminates Aluminium polyester laminates

Aluminium Polyester Laminates

In order for your computers, TVs and other important electronic equipment to work correctly, your cables must be fully protected against interference.

Aluminium polyester tapes create a protective barrier around the cable conductor, preventing electromagnetic and electrostatic interference from reducing signal quality.

Aluminium or copper based multiple composites are generally used for this (from 2 to 5 layers).

These materials are coupled with plastic films such as polyester or polypropylene to create flexible and resistant shielding tapes.

A heat-sealing EAA, LDPE or PVC based layer is also used to produce strong adhesion to the dielectric or cable sheath.

Data Sheets

Aluminium/Polyester Laminate 9/12

Aluminium/Polyester Laminate 12/12

Aluminium/Polyester Laminate 12/19

Aluminium/Polyester Laminate 25/12

Aluminium/Polyester Laminate 25/23

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