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Elephantide paper is an excellent insulation material, used to insulate electrically hot items, such as terminals and from accidental contact.

Elephantide grade 4

Elephantide grade 4 has a unique combination of electrical strength, mechanical toughness and flexibility with has proven durability even under the toughest conditions.

It is produced from a blue cotton (rag) material.

Elephantide polyester laminates

Elephantide / polyfilm “hyply” composites are flexible sheet materials with high mechanical strength produced by bonding polyester film to elephantide electrical paper using synthetic adhesive.

The polyester film enhances the electrical characteristics of the elephantide and also greatly increases bursting strength. The electric strength is of the order of 12 kv per millimetre.

Elephantide / polyfilm is rated as a class e (120ºc).

Data Sheets

Elephantide Grade 4

Elephantide Polyester Laminates

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