Customised slitting and sheeting Customised slitting and sheeting

Customised Slitting and Sheeting

uki provides a high quality slitting and sheeting service for the conversion of customer supplied materials, quickly, efficiently and accurately.

There is a slitting capacity of over 20000kgs per week with the facilities and expertise to slit and sheet a huge range of materials from polypropylene to aluminium foil, in thicknesses from 6 micron to 1mm.

The huge manufacturing facility houses rewinders can slit and rewind your materials to meet your exact specifications.

The conversion capabilities include the following:

  • Razor slitting
  • Log slitting
  • Crush cut
  • Shear cut
  • Sheeting
  • Punched parts
  • Guillotining
  • Traverse wound
  • 6” cores, 3 “ cores, 2” cores
  • Widths from 6mm to 1830 mm
  • Bespoke “small order cell”
  • Printed material slitting using “magic eye” technology
  • Packaging to customer requirements including barcode labelling and custom heat-sealed bagging
  • Conversion of non-woven fabrics, polyesters, polypropylenes, polythene, acetate, PVC, Metalised polyester, Aluminium foil, Paper and adhesive backed products to name but a few

At UKi, emphasis is placed on accuracy and prompt deliveries.

Quotations are available on request and pre-production sampling can be undertaken if required.

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