Silicone rubber covered tinned or nickel coated copper wire Silicone rubber covered tinned or nickel coated copper wire Silicone rubber covered tinned or nickel coated copper wire Silicone rubber covered tinned or nickel coated copper wire


uki’s Silicone cable products have excellent flexibility and good insulation cut-through resistance, particularly suitable for motor and transformer lead outs.

Silicone rubber covered tinned or nickel coated copper wire

This range of wire is made from silicone rubber extruded onto high conductivity solid or stranded tinned copper wire.

These products have excellent flexibility and good insulation cut through resistance.

They have the ability to operate at high temperatures and are approved for continuous use at 180°c..

  • High temperature silicone cable.
  • Operating temp of 210°C
  • Applications: Domestic appliances, lighting fittings, high temperature machines, fire cables and electronic devices

Silicone Cable

Zyrad 500 lead cables

Zyrad® 500 is a modified crosslinked polyolefin with a UL/CSA rating of 150C. It will withstand varnish bake temperatures of 190ºC for motor lead application and also short term exposures to 250ºC.

  • Stranded metric tin-plated copper wire
  • Conductors insulated with modified cross
  • Linked polyolefin (zyrad 500)
  • Relevant standards ul3289 / csa cl 1503 600v 150°c
  • Voltage rating: 600v rms
  • Temperature rating: -65°c to + 150°c


  • Class F electric motors
  • Transformers, domestic appliances, inductive loop
  • Lighting, general hostile environments

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Omerin Silicoul high voltage cables

  • Continuous working temperature: 60 °c to + 180 °c Peaks at + 230 °c.
  • Good resistance to thermal shock and UV.
  • Excellent ageing resistance.
  • Good resistance to ozone and the corona effect.
  • Excellent mechanical strength.
  • Bending radius _ 5 x d.
  • Compatible with most impregnation varnishes


  • Wiring of rotating machines: motors, alternators, Generators
  • Wiring of static machines: transformers, inductors, inverters, choppers
  • Shipbuilding and railway construction
  • Power supply

Nexans Siwo-kul high voltage cables

The connection cable Type SIWO-KUL™ is a very flexible single core cable. 
It is manufactured in the voltage range of 1.1 kV, 3.3-4.2 kV, 6.6-7.2 kV and 13.8-15.0 kV.


The SIWO-KUL™ cable is used where high flexibility is required and high temperature conditions are present.

It is therefore a suitable connection cable for high voltage machines like:

  • Transformers
  • Motors
  • Generators, etc.

The operating temperature for continuous service extends from –55°C up to 180°C.


  • Copper conductor tinned, flexible IEC 60228, class 5
  • Tape (up 16 mm2), Semi-conductive layer (only for 6.6 and 13.8 kV)
  • Silicone rubber insulation
  • Separator tape
  • Protective synthetic yarn braiding, varnished

Nomex® cable

A Nomex insulated cable with a polyurethane varnish coating. Used in motors and transformer and suitbale for temperatures upto 155 deg C

  • Thermal class F (155°c) halogen and silicon free
  • Stranded e-copper, bare or tin coated conductor
  • 1 layer polyester film and1 layer aramid paper nomex®, wound in opposing directions
  • Polyester fibre
  • Polyurethane varnish
  • Nomex® is a registered trademark of Du Pont™
  • Mechanical properties
  • Hot pressure test (155°c/4h – din vde 0472 part 609 ): ca. 20%
  • Temperature range between -40°c to 155°c
  • Bending radius: r _ 4 x outer diameter

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